Our Mission

88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and life
— Aon Consulting, 2000

Connect for Success® is a nonprofit organization created to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and support career advancement by reducing the obstacles and challenges that keep employees from performing their best at work.

We achieve this by providing personalized coaching and connecting employees to the right support available to them by partnering with businesses and other resources to scale innovative employment strategies that improve retention, attendance, engagement, and productivity, collectively contributing to a thriving workforce that benefits employers, employees, and the community alike. 

Employers collaborate with their communities to invest in their workforce, resulting in better jobs and inclusive economic growth in Washington State.

Connection for Success® is also apart of a national organization WorkLab Innovations which supports the advancement, dissemination, and growth of strategies and programs that improve the retention of lower-wage, front-line employees and increase employee engagement. They scale their employer-led Sustainable Workforce Model by working with local nonprofit organizations for the benefit of employers, employees, and communities across the U.S. WorkLab spark smart investments in talent strategies as a learning, innovation, and networking hub for businesses, human resource managers, and workforce development.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Connect for Success® is to provide a trusted resource where employees receive personalized support and connection to resources and solutions that help resolve life issues, empowering employees to have clear focus at work, maintain gainful employment, and enhance their career growth potential. Creating a positive and lasting difference in people’s lives. 

Our Values

People. Planet. Profit. Our values are to improve employee economic status and overall quality of life and produce socially responsible employee retention and ROI to participating Employers. 

Meet The Connect For Success Team


Lars Nowack | CEO

Lars Nowack has extensive and varied experience in the non-profit sector and over the last 17 years has lead two different organizations through multiple transitions, mergers, and growth. He specializes in collaborative solutions, and community outreach. Over the past decade, Nowack has developed and coordinated over $18 million in foundation, local, state, federal grants, and social venture funding. Nowack is active in community service, serving on various boards and is a passionate believer in the equal opportunity for all citizens to be self-sufficient. An avid biker, hiker, ultimate Frisbee and soccer player, Lars lives in Seattle, WA and enjoys sharing the benefits of a vibrant city culture and the natural beauty that Washington State has to offer with his two children, friends and family.

Jeff Southard - Connect For Success Coach

Jeff Southard | Connect For Success Coach

Jeff Southard joins Cares of Washington having spent the past 17 years developing and delivering engaging financial literacy and life skills curriculum for college students and community partners. From keynote addresses to one-on-one counseling, Mr. Southard is a sought after speaker and subject matter expert in bringing attention to the role that personal finance plays in reducing barriers to work. Jeff is well-versed in helping clients identify and make changes in behavior patterns that can interfere with achieving personal prosperity and successfulness. Having control and understanding of finances provides individuals with choices about where they may live and work, and that empowerment is one of the driving forces behind Connect For Success®.