Helping Workers Find Work/Life Balance

Busy, Stressed Employee

Stress, at its core, is neither good nor bad. Sometimes stress can be useful, helping us to meet deadlines and providing a sense of urgency to problem-solving. At its most useful,  stress can spur creativity in the search for solutions. Workplace stress is a well-documented issue that affects performance in several ways, and there are many strategies to help to reduce it. But what about at home? With family matters, finances, transportation and other challenges to deal with each day, it can be overwhelming for your employees to leave those issues at home and focus on their jobs. At home, stressors are often enormously difficult for your employees to manage and is a leading cause of absence and turnover at many companies throughout the US.

The physical effects of stress on the body are well known, and we have all experienced the adverse effects that are sometimes overwhelming and difficult to deal with. From an employer point of view, the costs of stress in increased absenteeism, turnover and lower productivity adds up to over $2 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Finding ways to deal with stress effectively may be one of the most significant cost-saving initiatives in the workplace today.

The balancing act in helping employees to cope with stress can be time-consuming and challenging for workplaces without the ready resources to help. Experts talk about work-life balance and its contribution to overall stress reductions and optimal on the job performance. The reality of finding a balance can be a struggle.

Here are some tips that may help with the journey to build and maintain a great staff that feels cared for and supported by their employer:

Ready Resources: These can be contact information for common issues or even having on-site assistance at a designated time for workers to be able to find solutions to their home obstacles.

Get to know your employees: What are the issues amongst staff, management, and supervisors?

Ask for help: Whether it’s buy in from higher ups and the use of a service such as our Connect for Success program, many human resources departments are already overtaxed, and it may be difficult to initiate and follow through with a program while trying to navigate everyday duties.

Monitor and celebrate success!

The days of leaving your home life at home are over. Every one of us works longer hours than our predecessors while trying to reach the optimal “more, better, faster” in our careers. Work/life balance is an ever increasing challenge but one that can have tremendous positive effects on your employees.

Above all, remember that you already have some support systems in place and many of your employees probably don’t even realize they are there! Become familiar with your resources and build your program from there. You may be surprised by what you already have available.