Help Your Employees Thrive

Workers rate the ability to manage work and family as the most important aspect they look for in a job.
— Rutgers University and University of Connecticut

We are much more than an employee assistance plan (EAP). We provide one on one customized services to high touch employees to help them resolve recurring barriers at work. 

In 2015, it costs a company an average of 150% of annual salary to replace an employee.

Connect for Success® (CFS) reduces worker turnover by overcoming the problems that prevent people from performing their best at work. By providing one-on-one confidential assistance for employees struggling with personal issues that directly affect their job performance, Connect for Success® coaches utilize the best resources available in the community to find the right solutions to the roadblocks your employees are facing in their lives. 

Currently serving employers in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap Counties.  

Employee Testimonial

Thanks to Connect For Success®, I was able to find resources and help to save my job so I can continue to be productive and make it back and forth to work.

How can Connect For Success® Help?

Connect For Success® helps employees to better understand resources available to them and connect them with a multitude of resources to get them on track to meet their goals.

Connect For Success® coaches provide consultation and training to management and staffers to address cultural concerns in the workplace, understand personal finance and behavior patterns associated with debt to bring relief to financial stressors.

Connect For Success® provides an opportunity for employers to come together, address common issues and share new ideas to improve retention and reduce the costly and time consuming recruiting in high turnover positions.

Connect For Success® Membership Advantages

  • Employee retention

  • Increased attendance

  • Utilization of existing benefits

  • HR teams spend less time trying to resolve employee's non-work related challenges

  • Employers gain access to knowledge and resources from the community which deepens their relationships with local non-profits

  • Employers create an inclusive and prosperous work environment by supporting their employees

Funding model Options

  • Share Based

    • Cost of program is shared by employers based on how many hours of service, types of services and number of locations

  • Annual/Monthly

    • Based on number of employees/expected usage

Connect For Success® ROI

  • Member Company retention rates in 2018: 87%

  • 2,200 employees served

  • 257 employees/dependents resolved barriers resulting in retained employment

  • Average member business ROI 234%

We are involved in our community and committed to partnering with employers to build the best workplace possible.

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