Reach Your Goals

Connect for Success® will partner with your employer to help you keep your job.

Why should I call?

Connect For Success® coaches will help you find solutions to problems you are having at work or at home that affect your employment including:

  • Transportation needs

  • Childcare resources

  • Housing issues

  • At-home challenges, including marital, personal, and family problems.

  • Personal finance, credit, debt, student loans

  • Utilizing your Employee Assistance Plan

  • Navigating public assistance and paperwork

  • Short and long term goal setting

  • Researching available assistance

What happens next?

Contact a coach direct at (360) 797-9116, or request a call via your management staff.

Connect For Success® office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Before and after work times are available as necessary.

What happens when I talk with my coach?

To get started, we will need some details about your situation so that we can help you find a solution. You and your coach will get together (in-person or by phone) to set goals to get your issue taken care of and provide you support as you solve your problems.

Does Connect For Success® share my information with my employer?

Our services are free to you and confidential. We will not share details about your situation unless you want us to. We need some information from your employer such as wages, start date and attendance to help you qualify for assistance.

The Value of Growth

Our resources help employees quickly access a wide range of supportive services:

  • Employer-sponsored loan programs at low interest rates

  • Tax preparation

  • Financial education

  • Assistance applying for public benefits

  • Assistance finding affordable housing, childcare, and transportation

  • Career coaching

  • Upskilling programs

  • Federal Income Tax assistance

VITA: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

We partner with area organizations offering free tax filing assistance to low- to moderate-income people who may have difficulty preparing their own tax returns.

Money Management, Financial Education Group and Individual Workshops

We offer interactive workshops on common financial topics, including banking, budgeting, saving, goal setting, credit, and debt repayment.
Contact us to find out about upcoming workshops or to request a customized workshop. 

Individual Financial Coaching
Financial Coaching is an ongoing, collaborative process to help clients reach long-term goals through the development of new skills.

For more information, contact Ruth Admal, Connect for Success®