Frequently Asked Questions

What does Connect for Success® do?

Connect for Success® is a local non-profit initiative with a long history of success working with at-risk employees. Connect for Success® provides one-on-one retention and support services to employees of member companies. All employees are eligible to receive services and employees may self-refer or be referred by their supervisors. The goal is to ensure that employees have what they need to come to work and to focus on being successful in the workplace and in the rest of their lives.


How is Connect for Success® different from an EAP?

EAPs are designed and staffed to handle acute issues on a short term basis, often by referring the employee to outside resources. Likely, a given EAP is contracted by many, many employers to work with their employees, often at the job jeopardy stage, and may not be available to follow-up on the referrals provided. Connect for Success®, on the other hand, works with a few specific employers and customizes services to meet the needs of their employees. Our services are designed to be high-touch and long term – we address the issue at hand and then work with the employee to align resources and build assets so that the issue does not repeat. If an employer does have an EAP, Connect for Success® coaches can help employees get the most benefit from that service by ensuring that the referrals supplied by the EAP are followed up on and by continuing to keep contact with that employee as he or she works through the issue.


What is the value of Connect for Success®?

This model is based on providing value to everyone we work with.

  • Employer members receive value by having a trusted resource working directly with their employees with the sole purpose of reducing turnover by eliminating the outside-the-workplace obstacles that cause people to miss work and keep them from doing their best work.
  • Employees receive value by having access to a professional who knows the local resources in the area and can quickly align those resources to keep them working and moving forward in their careers.
  • Local non-profits receive value because the Connect for Success® coach serves as a broker to efficiently move clients to appropriate services at non-profits. They also can enlist Connect for Success®’ help if they are having trouble reaching a client.
  • Tax-payers and the public-sector receive value by having Connect for Success® focus on retention and preventing individuals from falling into public support systems.


How will Connect for Success® work in my company?

 A Connect for Success® coach will work closely with you or your HR staff to determine the most effective way to structure the service at your company and how to roll it out to your employees. You may prefer that the coach be on-site and available to employees at designated times on a regular basis, or you may prefer that the coach come on-site on an as needed basis. Whatever your preference, your Connect for Success® coach can likely accommodate you and in any case will only be a phone call away from you, your supervisors, your HR staff and your other employees.

Employees can self-refer to Connect for Success® or they can be referred by their supervisor if needed. The Connect for Success® coach is available to meet employees at your work site, but is also happy to accommodate off-site meetings if necessary. The Connect for Success coach will work with the employee to first address their immediate concern and will develop a plan to prevent that concern from being an obstacle to success in the future.

After the initial year, the fee a company pays for Connect for Success® services will be determined by the level of service provided to that company. Return on investment (ROI) metrics will be developed in consultation with the employer consortium and ROI reports will be made twice yearly.


Who can be an employer member?

Connect for Success® members can come from any organization or business sector. Although, the “best fit” is an organization with a population of lower wage earners. This group has fewer resources and more barriers to handle personal issues interfering with job performance. They are also on a shorter-rope – little money and more likely to lose their job.


What are the most important employer's responsibilities in relation to Connect for Success® services? 

Once you have signed an MOU, the responsibilities for the employer are to participate in consortium meetings and adhere to the employer best practices for maximum outreach and benefit.  


How long will Connect for Success® serve an employee?

There is no time limit for services, we will serve them for as long as it takes to get them back on track, as long as the employee remains employed by any of our member companies.  It is the responsibility of the success coach to serve all employees as needed of each member organization.


To what extent are Connect for Success® services confidential?

Connect for Success® services are confidential to the fullest extent.  An employer may know only what an employee chooses to tell them. No specifics will be shared with the employer. Type of barrier, type of referral, or whether or not a specific employee has used Connect for Success® will NOT be shared with the employer. This does not apply to \'mandatory referrals\' and/or what is given in the reports. Case stories will only be shared with prior approval of the employee, and the individual will remain anonymous.


How can I participate with Connect for Success® as a partner?
Our community partnerships effectively reduce barriers to advancement and self-sufficiency and allow for timely resolution of clients support needs. We collaborate with organizations in order to leverage resources for individuals and their families that are part of our program. By working together, our participants have the support they need to ensure a secure future for themselves and their family.  We also partner with training providers to help individuals identify and complete job training that our member employers find essential to a successful outcome. For more information please contact Ruth Admal at


How can I support Connect for Success as a funder?
Public funders, private foundations and corporate sponsors are behind the success of Connect for Success® programs and services. Connect for Success® is able to provide individualized services because of the support of contracts, grants and in-kind services from these entities. Due to their generous support, we are able to help people and their families. For more information please contact Ruth Admal at or to make a donation on line today using Network for Good link here on our website.


I’m an employer who is interested in joining the Connect for Success® Consortium. How do I go about that?
Connect for Success® welcomes participation from employers throughout King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. Please let us know how we can help you.