Skills, Inc.

"Our relationship with Connect for Success® has provided much needed support to several of our employees during their personal journey to improve their lives.  The coaching and resources provided, enable our employees to understand the impact of their daily choices while allowing them to grow both personally and professionally."

Scott, Client of Connect for Success®

"Not too long ago, there was a problem at home that needed to be resolved.  I was not sure how to handle things in a polite and proper manner.  With my Success Coach's advice and help, things are now settled and everybody is happy.  Thank you."

Anonymous, Client of Connect for Success®

"Thanks to Connect for Success®, I was able to find resources and help to save my job so I can continue to be productive and make it back and forth to work."

Aaron, Client of Connect for Success®

"Thanks again for all your help!!! YOU make things HAPPEN!"

CEO, Client of Connect for Success®

"We cannot outperform our community for a period of time.  We have to help bring the community along...It is the right thing to do, yes that is obvious; but from a long-term perspective, it's the smart thing to do."